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Dove Release is a time-honored tradition across multiple cultures and events. Let the flight of these majestic creatures bring beautiful meaning to your event!   


We proudly present our White Dove Release in Los Angeles, California as one of the best in service and quality in the industry! From weddings and birthdays to funerals and celebration of life, you can add beautiful meaning to your event through the flight of white doves. Our White Dove Release has one of the highest ratings with the best & unbeatable price in Southern California. 

We will personally assist you through the setup, handling, and releasing of the white doves while playing beautiful songs in the background using our quality portable PA system. We help to make your event truly special through every thoughtful detail~

White dove in hands of a woman at a funeral and celebration of life.
Woman's hand holding a white dove paper cutout on blue background


The history of White Dove release for weddings can be traced back to ancient Greek and Roman times when doves were gifted from the bride to the groom. The Holy Bible also reference these beautiful birds to symbolize holiness, innocence, and fidelity. White Doves have carried several deep meanings across many cultures and across the years. Some of the most significant meanings include:

LOVE - love for someone special

PEACE - peace in times of hardship

HOPE - hope in a bright future

NEW BEGINNING - starting a new life



10 Doves = $150

20 Doves = $175

30 Doves = $200

Package Includes

White Doves

White Dove Box and Table Stand with Linen Cover Setup

Background Songs of Choice using our 100W Portable PA System

Handler to provide Symbology Speech and Hand Release Assistance


We provide our Dove Release for many different types of events.





Celebration of Life

Angle view of bride releasing a white dove
Groom and bride doing white dove release for wedding
Two girls in wreaths and white dress releasing a white dove as it flies away
The custom of releasing doves at a wedding ceremony.