Grace & Honor is a veteran owned business started by two U.S. Army Veterans, founded on Christian values & beliefs. Our core value of loving our neighbors as ourselves is what drives us to go above & beyond in all of our products & services. We designed our company as a place where we can practice our core value in every aspect of our lives to include business.

Our families, employees, customers, vendors, and the local communities are all important to us and we pledge to serve each in practical ways. Our pledge is to put action behind our words and strive to impact the lives of people all around the world.

Christian Booklet
Praying Together


Our vision goes beyond business. We have created this company as a platform to serve people everywhere with an "unconditional love."

"Let Love be your highest goal!" - 1 Corinthians 14:1

With this goal in mind, the vision of our company is very clear:

1. Ensure our employees and their families are always cared for and prioritized above work.

2. Provide the highest quality in products & services to our customers.

3. Actively engage in Community Outreach to build up our neighborhoods.

4. Build a Non-Profit Organization that serves people in need all around the world.