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Spring background with a butterfly in flight.



Give the gift of live butterfly release that gently fly & dance around you and add deep meaning to your event!  

Live Butterfly Release is a truly unique ceremony that is commonly displayed during Weddings, Birthdays, Quinceañera, Funerals, and Celebration of Life. 


Painted Lady Butterflies are incredibly beautiful and gentle. The beauty of releasing these butterflies is they like to linger in the area where you release them. They dance around you, gently land on your shirt, and often can be picked up by hand for great photos! Painted Ladies are known to stay in the area that you release them for hours and sometimes even for days!

Painted Ladies are about 2 to 3 inches in wing span and have bright orange colors with black outlines and white spots. They are common to North America and can be release without any worry about their impact to the environment. 

A Painted Lady Butterfly sitting on a girl's hand before release
Butterfly release meanings of hope, rebirth, and beauty written in front of a flower arrangement.


Butterfly release can add significant meaning any event. When applied to to special moments or occasions in our lives, it can mean the following:

BEAUTY - the beauty of Life

MYSTERY - the mystery of Life

REBIRTH - the transformation of Life

HOPE - the hope of Life


The raising and sale of these iconic butterflies is now prohibited by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. This is in good effort based on research to better conserve these migratory creatures for all our future generations to enjoy!

You can also help these beautiful creatures to flourish by planting their host plants called "Milkweed." You can easily find these plants at your local plant shops. Simply plant them in your yard to watch Monarchs come by to lay their eggs on your plants! You will be assisting their migration and population growth while planting a beautiful flowering plant to enjoy in your garden. 

Monarch butterfly with its wings spread open.


Butterfly weed (Asclepias tuberosa), also known as orange milkweed, in flower (bloom)_edit



Live Butterfly Release can add special meaning to a wide variety of events! 




Celebration of Life


Wedding Anniversaries

Memorial Anniversaries

Gifts & More!

Young girl playing with a live butterfly on her shoulder.
Beautiful butterfly resting on a flower during a wedding in the background.
Young couple in love in a field of lavender flowers. Enjoy a moment of happiness and
Young girl releasing a live butterfly by hand.
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