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It all starts with
Love & Compassion



At our core, we are artisans of emotion, crafting timeless memories through the delicate grace of live butterflies. With a profound understanding of their symbolic power, we curate experiences that transcend language, stirring the depths of the soul. Our commitment extends beyond mere transactions, for we are stewards of love, joy, and peace, weaving connections that resonate deeply within the hearts of all we touch. Each creation, each interaction, is a testament to our unwavering dedication to compassion and excellence. We are not just a purveyor of butterflies, but also  architects of enchantment, crafting moments that linger in memory long after our butterflies have fluttered away.


We envision a future beyond our business and into a world made better, one life and one step at a time. With the purpose of loving our world, we challenge ourselves to build a place where:

1. Our employees are our family and we commit to caring and protecting their livelihoods as our own. 

2. Every customer is a guest in our home whom we care deeply for and give our warmest hospitality to help them feel at home. 

3. Our planet is the home that we all share, and we commit to its care through  conservation and growth. 

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The pinnacle of our endeavors lies not in the tangible outcomes, but in the ethereal essence of joy that blossoms when we deeply connect with others. Our paramount aspiration is to sprinkle a touch of joy into the lives of all whom we encounter, whether through our products, services, or leadership within our organization. Inspiring joyful and grateful hearts is the reason why we exist and strive to give our very best daily. 

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In our mission to preserve our planet, we find beauty and efficacy in the simplest acts – be it planting a single seed or releasing a solitary butterfly into the breeze. With a steadfast commitment to environmental stewardship, we aspire to release 50,000 butterflies annually, thereby fortifying pollination efforts and bolstering the delicate balance of our natural ecosystems. Additionally, we endeavor to sow the seeds of hope by planting 500 butterfly host plants each year, nurturing the growth of endangered butterfly species and fostering a flourishing habitat for generations to come.

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We are driven by a profound passion for extending love and compassion to people in our community, particularly those enduring hardship without relief. Our pursuit transcends mere financial gain; rather, it is rooted in a fervent desire to uplift those who are unable to fulfill their own needs. To make this vision a reality, we aspire to donate 500 butterflies annually to children's hospitals, cancer awareness initiatives, and bereaved families, offering solace and a symbol of hope in their time of need.

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