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Live Butterfly Release
Special Occasions

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create & cherish the memoriesof your loved ones with adeeply symbolic gesture

Give a meaningful & unique giftto captivate the heart ofthe person you love

Share a magical momentthat goes beyondexpression of words

This type of taro plant usually lives freely in the oil palm forest. and live in damp area
Painted Lady Butterfly siting on a woman's hand.
Young girl holding a butterfly on her finger.
Young girl with a butterfly resting on her shoulder.
Painted Lady Butterfly on hands.


We hand raise each of our butterflies with love & care until their release to find a new home. 


Our hand made and custom designed Live Butterfly Release Cases are one of a kind and sure to make your event truly unique, beautiful, and full of deep meaning!

White landern with flowers for butterfly release.
Live butterflies in a white release box.
Purple butterfly box.
Butterflies in a glass terrarium for live butterfly release.
Butterfly boxes in a white box for live butterfly release.
Gold and white decorative words for the meaning of butterfly release ceremony.
White "hope" and golden "rebirth" and "Beauty" words cutout on a table.
Red flower on a green moss with the word "love" in front.


Live butterfly release carries many deep meaning and symbology through it's history and culture. Discover the depth of its meaning as you release these magnificent creature at your event!





Proud Member of the International Butterfly Breeders Association (IBBA)

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Serving Los Angeles & Orange County areas of Southern California.

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